The Grand Punfair

The grand Punfair is a tournament to be held on Saturday 14th August at 8pm BST (12pm PST)

The Punfair is made up of 3 contests.

A Looney Limericks Contest.
A Tall Tales Contest.
And the Grand Punfest

Contest Rules

Looney Limericks

Looney Limerics is an open contest, all those wishing to enter should just show up on the day (with their limerics prepared). Their names will be taken down and the contest will start promptly at 8:15pm (12:15pm)

Contestants take turns to recite limerics on the following topic:
People of Puddleby

Contestants may recite a limerick about themselves or any other exile or being who lives or has lived in the Lok'Groton island chain, the funnier the better

Limericks will be marked by a panel of judges and the funniest limerick will win a prize of 2000c, all Judges decisions are final
There will also be a spot prize of 1000c for the best limeric about Rowl

Tall Tales

Tall Tales is another open contest, open to all exiles at the contest on the day.
Contestants take turns to tell tall tales about life in the Lok'Groton islands, that means people, places or events

Tales will be marked on Hilarity, Outrageousness and How well they are told, all judges decisions are final.
Special Effects, Props and Costumes are all optional

The teller of the funniest, most outrageous tale will be awarded 2000c prize money

Grand Punfest

The Grand Punfest is open to registered contestants only.
All exiles wishing to take part should register with Mjollnir either by enchanted mail
peterbaylyuk AT hotmail DOT com
or by contacting him in the lands.

During the contest all contestants sit in a circle and a topic will be chosen from the topic list at random by dice roll.
Mjollnir will provide the opening pun and will arbitrarily choose somebody at random to reply,
from there contestants carry on punning around the circle clockwise providing a pun responce to the last contestant.

Each contestant will have 30 seconds to supply their pun (or part of it should it be a long one)
any contestant who cannot supply a pun within the time limit is disqualified.

Each round of the punfest continues using the chosen topic until there is only one contestant left
or it becomes obvious that the topic has become exhausted.

In case of a tiebreak all remaining contestants will be required to provide a joke with a pun punchline on any topic
and the best joke by judges decision wins

There will be a minimum of 3 rounds each with a randomly chosen topic, but the punfest may be extended should time,
circumstances and enthusiasm permit.

The winner of each round recieves 1000c prize money and their choice of the prizes listed below,
all left over prizes will be auctioned off after the Punfair is over.

Punfest Topics

This is the list of punfest topics, one will be selected at random for each round.

1: Music
2: Nature (plants, animals)
3: Food and Drink


- Looney Limericks Winner 2000c
- Looney Limerics Spot Prize 1000c
- Tall Tales Winner 2000c
- Punfest Round Winner 1000c and the item of their choice


A Scarmis Egg

A Full Set of Paints
(light blue, light green, yellow, pink,
purple, dark green, dark blue)

2 Red healing Potions

A Steel Pot
(Casserole Instrument Part)

A Bone
(Bone Flute Instrument Part)

A Luck Bone
(Lucky Lyra Instrument Part)

Orgaberry Cluster

Lilaberry Cluster

A Pair of Phantasmonomicon Spells
(Small Red Flame and Red Flame)

A Quarrel

An Ethereal Portal Stone

A Chain

On The Day

Spectators are welcome to come and watch the fun.
Some food and drink will be provided although spectators are welcome (encouraged) to bring something along.
Any bards wishing to volunteer their services are also welcome (encouraged again)

Contact me if

You want to register for the Grand Punfest
You have a suggestion for a Punfest topic
You want to volunteer to be a competition judge
You wish to donate an item or some money for the prizes (all donations are anonymous unless explicitly stated)
You are a bard and want to let me know that you want to perform on the day
You are confused about the rules and have a question to ask about them